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Funded : $6,397 USD

(모금액 : 8,316,100 원 KRW )

Backers : 121 명

Funding period :Apr 29 2022 - May 29 2022 (30 days)

Created by : Monster Guide inc.

Late night Pocha drinking, swapped phones, and a mystery kiss....Make life-altering choices for our protagonist Yeonwoo 💘


킥스타터 :


We've all seen K-dramas start like this. But this isn't any regular Korean romance movie. This time, we're letting you choose Yeonwoo's fate and decide who that mystery kiss man is.

I Fall In Love Too Easily is an interactive rom-com Full-Motion Video (FMV) that combines our passions for Korean-style love stories and interactive storytelling.

You may have also heard Netflix releasing a similar interactive rom-com. Sorry, Netflix. We're beating you to it.


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