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Funded : $23,847 USD

(모금액 : 31,001,100원 KRW)

Backers : 424

Funding period : Dec 30 2019 - Jan 29 2020 (30 days)

Created by : AniBlock Inc

AniBlock is a STEM toy that allows children to solve complex multisolution puzzles in order to develop practical problem-solving skills


킥스타터 :


Aniblock Puzzle Challenger is a STEM toy that kids will not get tired of AND it helps them develop cognitive skills.

It is a new type of puzzle game wth maps that features multiple solutions and various levels of difficulty. It offers fun and educational value at the same time, and a great amount of replayability as well.

Use smart devices to solve the puzzles and earn rewards, which are offered at the end of each step to provide the motivation to solve the next set of puzzles!


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