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Funded : $89,402 USD

(모금액 : 116,222,600원 KRW)

Backers : 189

Funding period : Sep 12 2017 - Nov 1 2017 (50 days)

Created by : Cubroid

Learn how to program in a new and fun way with Cubroid! Simply build and connect with Lego blocks and bring creations to life! #Robot


킥스타터 :


  • A set of programming blocks without any visible lines or connecting pins

  • Created for safe and easy assembly

  • Equipped with actuators and sensor blocks that work without external connections

  • Functions via wireless communication, which makes it possible for users to code in numerous combinations

  • Compatible with Legos for creative purposes, so children can innovate without restrictions

  • An opportunity for young ones to learn STEM concepts and simple programming

  • A source of confidence and a sense of accomplishment for young ones when they successfully build and operate their own robots


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