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Funded : $9,024 USD

(모금액 : 11,731,200원 KRW)

Backers : 44명

Funding period : Jan 27 2021 - Feb 26 2021 (30 days)

Created by : IM Co., Ltd.

Hands-free, professional-style safe grooming for your pet at home: drastically minimized drying time will save you time and energy!


킥스타터 :


DUZ Pro V3 is the most convenient and efficient pet dryer for any pet owner. We know that many pets are sensitive to heat and noise. Keeping this in mind, we put a lot of thought into the design process for our dryer. Most pet owners will understand how difficult bath time can be for not only themselves but for their beloved companions as well. We hope that the DUZ Pro V3 will help you minimize the time and effort needed to properly dry your pet so that you can use more of that time spending quality time with them!


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