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Funded : $26,762 USD

(모금액 : 35,202,700 원 KRW )

Backers : 449 명

Funding period :Sep 20 2022 - Oct 19 2022 (30 days)

Created by : iruzio

The Mess-free Solution For a Spotless Fish Tank | 2-in-1 Automatic and Hand-held| Quiet To Operate| Sand and Gravel Substrate Friendly




The iruzio aquarium vacuum introduces a new way to cleaning fish waste in an operation that’s quick and easy to use.

Adopting all the advantages of existing products, the iruzio allows for an efficient clean- but without the loss of water.

The auto-collect mode requires low maintenance, it keeps your fish tank clean for 24-hours a day, while the hand-held mode gives you the option of controlled cleaning.

With its neat and minimalistic design, the iruzio looks good in every aquarium.


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