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Funded : $36,953 USD

(모금액 : 48,038,900원 KRW)

Backers : 225명

Funding period : Jul 19 2016 - Aug 25 2016 (37 days)

Created by : NOONBiT, Inc.

A refined approach to Virtual Reality! Introducing the first adjustable VR lens that caters to the individual’s visual comfort.


킥스타터 :


Hello! My name is James Kim, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NOONBiT Inc., and the creator of our product, the Nunulo VR.

As an avid Virtual Reality device user, I enjoy the visual features that the standard devices offer, but have come across problems upon using devices that are currently in the market.

After prolonged periods of time using a VR device, I continuously experienced headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Due to my background as an optometrist, I wanted to find a productive solution for this problem by tackling it from an optometry perspective.

This sparked my desire to create our product, the Nunulo VR: specially designed VR-dedicated lenses that come equipped with an easy-to-use cardboard device.


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