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Funded : $119,166 USD

(모금액 : 154,915,800 원 KRW )

Backers : 613 명

Funding period :Oct 25 2022 - Nov 24 2022 (30 days)

Created by : STRIG

Patented microvibration technology and single & double-edged blades for personalized relief | No need for extra heads/attachments




The best part about STRIG Boomerang is that you truly do not need any other accessories, heads, or attachments. It works as a versatile full-body massager on its own.

There is not a single edge on Boomerang that isn't usable. From its precise tip on top to deep concave blade, we challenge you to take full advantage of its ergonomic and multifunctional blades. That's how we intended it.


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