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Funded : $121,960 USD

(모금액 : 159,487,092원 KRW )

Backers : 1,306명

Funding period : Jan 31 2023 ~ Mar 1 2023 (30 days)

Created by : HoneyIT

Bedtime routines begin with the brain: No sound, smell, body-accessories, or apps. No fuss, no contingencies!


킥스타터 :


The Znie Lite is a digital device designed to improve sleeping habits. It's made especially for those who struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Generating Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), the Znie Lite works to align brain activity, preparing your mind and body to take rest.

Improve sleeping habits safely and securely without over stimulating your senses, or making drastic changes to your lifestyle.

- Znie Lite is not a medical product and cannot be used to reduce stress or treat insomnia. Professional consultation is required to diagnose and treat such conditions -


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